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French-Property.com Publisher System

The French-Property.com publisher System is a unique opportunity for Anglophone websites.

Generating revenue from your website using the French-Property.com publisher system is quick and easy. An French-Property.com publisher will enable you to generate iframes containing a stand-alone property search system that can be tailored to the content of your site and displayed in your house colours.

Partner the leading Anglophone French property portal

Established for over 10 years www.french-property.com is a leading advertising portal for property in France, connecting buyers with agents and classified vendors across France. You can read more about the company on the following link: http://www.french-property.com/info/

How do I earn money?

On a simple commission structure. We pay a standard fee for each enquiry generated via your website.

Join for free

The French-Property.com publisher system is a totally free and easily managed service offered to a select number of France related websites. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of French-Property.com. 

Revenue generation

The French-Property.com publisher system is a simple and effective way to generate revenue, allowing you to monetise your current website traffic and maximise the potential of your website.
Add value to your website
The French-Property.com publisher system is an effective way to add value to your current website content. The system allows you to display targeted and up to date French property listings of relevance to your content and website.
Acquire a valued reciprocal link
Even if you choose not to take up the offer of joining the French-Property.com Affiliate System, your site can still benefit from a highly relevant reciprocal link exchange. Simply go to our "link to us" page and copy and paste a link to French-Property.com on your website. Once the link is on your site please email advertising@french-property.com referencing the page on which the link is displayed. Upon approving the link, we will link back to your homepage from our links page. This will provide your site with a highly relevant link from a page with a PageRank of 4 which will be looked upon favourably by large search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

How do I register as a French-Property.com Publisher?

To register as an publisher please complete our online registration form.

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