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Live Demonstration - French Chateaux Property

French-Chateau-Property.com is a website designed to give some background information about the history of Chateaux and provide users with a page to search and enquire about Chateaux property for sale. The website itself is a very generic HTML template. It was not designed specifically to work with the French-Property.com Affiliate System. Using our simple iFrame code a property search was easily integrated that matches the look and feel of the website.

Although the French-Property.com property database contains over 10,000 properties, www.french-chateau-property.com is only interested in Chateaux property so we added two extra search filters during the iFrame creation process. Firstly, we specified 500,000 euros as the minimum price, a rough estimation of the starting price for Chateaux property. Secondly, we added the keyword "chateaux" to the search filter. This ensures that we only display properties which mention chateaux in the title or description.

Head over to the live version of French Chateaux Property now to try the property search for yourself. Simply click on this link: http://www.french-chateau-property.com or click on the image to the right.

Remember http://www.french-chateau-property.com is a live website, so please do not make any property enquiries unless you are looking to buy!
You can see how the Chateaux iframe and others were created by viewing this short video guide:
You can also view how the Affiliate system works in our general usage guide which can be found here:
If you need any further assistance or have any queries regarding the French-Property.com Affiliates System please email us at affiliates@french-property.com.

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