Stone Property to Renovate in Tinchebray, Normandy

Lower-Normandy, Orne, Tinchebray
Reference: IFPC23564

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Large stone built property to renovate in the small town of Tinchebray, Orne, Normandy - about 30 mins drive from the larger town of Flers, just over an hours drive from the port of Caen, and 4hrs from Calais.

The house is very large, and needs complete refurbishment, including a new roof, but there is great potential - the property is tall and there is scope to create 3 floors of living space and still have room for a storage loft above!

The property is divided into quite a few sections internally (mainly by timber/batten and mud walls) so this would all require removal to be left with a blank canvas from which to create your own layout.

Water/Electricity is very close (only a few metres) so will be easy to connect when you're ready, and you can get a temporary site connection laid on for the duration of the works.

No sceptic tank will be required as mains sewage is just outside the boundary.

There is a large garden with a couple of apple trees and a massive outbuilding where caravans / cars / materials etc could be stored.

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